21st Century Leadership: Creating Value Through Empowerment

View as slideshow Grant Lichtman@GrantLichtman First #naisac13 session to attend today: @NishantMehta on leaders creating value through empowerment. Thu, Feb 28 2013 02:46:48 ReplyRetweetFavorite Greg Bamford@gregbamford @GrantLichtman you chose a good one! @nishantmehta knows his stuff. #NAISAC13 Thu, Feb 28 2013 04:56:45 ReplyRetweetFavorite Jill Gough@jgough Ready for @NishantMehta‘s #NAISC13 Love his great questions! 21st century […]

SDI 2012 Notes: Learning to be Authentic

Today is day 2 of the NAIS Summer Diversity Institute (SDI). At the opening session yesterday, Jay introduced the faculty as one of the most functional groups he has worked with. What defines the functionality of a group or a team? At SDI, we build community intentionally and daily. Relationships extend beyond the professional and […]