Sunday Edition: 3 Articles/Resources on Effective Administrator Evaluations

I’ve recently become interested in administrator evaluation models. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has done a lot of work on this topic, however their focus is on identifying the best teachers. Here are three articles/resources I came across this week on evaluating administrators –  Seven Steps to Effective Feedback, by Grant Wiggins, Educational Leadership, Sep. 2012 > […]

A Call for a Passion-Driven Curriculum

Tom Friedman in The New York Times: Now, notes Craig Mundie, one of Microsoft’s top technologists, not just elites, but virtually everyone everywhere has, or will have soon, access to a hand-held computer/cellphone, which can be activated by voice or touch, connected via the cloud to infinite applications and storage, so they can work, invent, entertain, […]

Differentiation 2.0

George Couros on customizing the learning paradigm: It is…about using whatever it takes to promote continuous learning for our kids.  Just as I hated writing in cursive as a kid, some kids might hate writing in a blog.  I am okay with that.  What we need to do as educators is not assume a standard […]

Self-Awareness: Key to Success

Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield writing in The New York Times: During the 1970s, Chris Argyris, a business theorist at Harvard Business School (and now, at 89, a professor emeritus) began to research what happens to organizations and people…when they find obstacles in their paths. Professor Argyris called the most common response single loop learning […]

Why We Should All Want to Speak Five Languages (via NPR)

According to linguist, Dennis Baron, interviewed by Barbara King for NPR: “Census figures from the 2009 American Community Survey…show about 20 percent of residents over age five speak a language other than English at home. Most of them also speak at least some English, and those who don’t are learning it.” Perhaps two percent of […]