21st Century Leadership: Creating Value Through Empowerment

View as slideshow Grant Lichtman@GrantLichtman First #naisac13 session to attend today: @NishantMehta on leaders creating value through empowerment. Thu, Feb 28 2013 02:46:48 ReplyRetweetFavorite Greg Bamford@gregbamford @GrantLichtman you chose a good one! @nishantmehta knows his stuff. #NAISAC13 Thu, Feb 28 2013 04:56:45 ReplyRetweetFavorite Jill Gough@jgough Ready for @NishantMehta‘s #NAISC13 Love his great questions! 21st century […]

Busting Silos > Key to Innovative Teaching

Can creativity be taught? Absolutely. The real question is: “How do we teach it?” In school, instead of crossing subjects and classes, we teach them in a very rigid manner. Very rarely do you witness math and science teachers or English and history teachers collaborating with each other. Sticking in your silo, shell, and expertise […]

Rethinking Professional Development in the 21st Century

I have been contemplating recently about the state of professional development in schools. The term “professional development” generally evokes a conference or a workshop/institute held outside of the school’s facilities and run by an external organization and attended by educators from several other schools, locally, regionally, or nationally. In the 21st century, I wonder if […]

The Dilemma of Innovation

I wrote this article to address some of the questions surrounding innovation that are rarely asked or addressed concretely in the literature on 21st Century Schools. Innovation is necessary and essential, but it also comes at a cost to the school culture. Hope you enjoy reading this piece as much as I did writing it […]