Differentiation 2.0

George Couros on customizing the learning paradigm: It is…about using whatever it takes to promote continuous learning for our kids.  Just as I hated writing in cursive as a kid, some kids might hate writing in a blog.  I am okay with that.  What we need to do as educators is not assume a standard […]

Sunday Edition: 7 Articles and a TED Talk

1. A Twitter Chat: How Technology Can Help Bridge the Skills Gap From GigaOm: Educators and technologists debate how new and emerging technologies and models of education can prepare students for professional life in the 21st century. 2. Why Can Some Kids Handle the Pressue While Others Fall Apart From NYTimes: By the authors of NurtureShock and one […]

Grading Boys (via @NYTimes.com)

Christina Hoff Sommers, author of The War Against Boys: A study coming out this week in The Journal of Human Resources gives an important answer. Teachers of classes as early as kindergarten factor good behavior into grades — and girls, as a rule, comport themselves far better than boys. The study’s authors analyzed data from more […]