Letters To The Children’s School Community

Writing, like reading good literature, grounds me. It provides context and helps make sense of important events and milestones in our past, present and future. It brings disparate things together and helps focus attention and energy on the things that matter in the life of a community like The Children’s School. Good writing is still an essential skill for any leader who wishes to lead effectively; it has the ability to inspire too in times of transition or crisis.

This page contains all of my communications to The Children’s School community. Leading a school is, perhaps, one of the most difficult – and most rewarding – roles there is; heads of school must be visionaries, strategists, educators, parenting experts and advisors; possess a sense of humor; remain humble and project confidence; appear smart, kind and gentle; display “mad” marketing and fundraising prowess; write and present well; and be able to perform financial wizardry. Heads are also the de facto spiritual leaders of their schools. This pastoral role is the most understated on a day-to-day basis, but it’s the most important of all the ones we play. Building community, like building relationships or tending to a garden, does not happen overnight. It takes care, attention and feeding. The letters below represent just one way I water this garden of ours.


11/28/18: Jackson Griffin-Turner

10/28/18: Where Are We Safe Anymore?


02/21/18: The Tragedy in Parkland, One Week Later