A Child’s Flight of Fancy: A Resolution for 2019

This article was published as a guest column today in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s education website, Get Schooled. Click here to read it on the AJC. This winter holiday, Neeti and I watched Mary Poppins Returns in the cinema. The original with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke is one of my childhood favorites. In an early […]

Raising Kinder, Gentler Children

[I submitted this post to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They published it on their education blog, Get Schooled, tonight. Here’s the link if you’d prefer to read it there: https://www.myajc.com/blog/get-schooled/george-bush-stressed-being-kinder-gentler-should-our-schools/phWRcAdLxbzU6VoMdohnxL/%5D Kinder. Gentler. These two words feature in every obituary I’ve read of the 41st President. Quoting President Bush’s inaugural address on Jan. 20, 1989: “We as […]

The Start of My Second Headship (at TCS)

My first day at The Children’s School was May 1, 2013. I’ve completed five years and I’m about halfway through my sixth year. Last fall, in 2017, I shared with the board’s executive committee that the next five years will be different from the previous five. Looking back, there are many enhancements and new programs […]

The Assault on Childhood

We are living in precarious times that rob our children of their childhood. Rather than free play and opportunities to deal with boredom on their own, parents fill those times with tutoring, coaching and lessons. Rather than connection and creativity, we are surrounded by disengaged souls bingeing on every possible activity or medium around us. There’s a lot to keep us interested but it hasn’t made us more interesting.

I Collect Mentors Everywhere I Go

A few years ago, Jay and Arlene, colleagues at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), were visiting Atlanta to scope out the city, conference center and surrounding hotels for an upcoming event. I’ve known Jay since my early career days. He has followed and supported my professional arc for over a decade. Arlene and […]

My Top 10 Tools or Pieces of Advice for Leaders

I recently spoke before a group of 35-40 undergraduate business majors at Emory’s Goziueta Business School. The class was “Leading and Managing Change,” and the professor, Richard Berlin, was kind enough to invite me to share my experience as a nonprofit leader and the pressures and challenges I face in running The Children’s School. Richard […]